Cottage Weekend: Where to relax in the Leningrad region?

More and more people prefer the outdoors. With the onset of summer, many dream rent a cottage for the weekend, and go there a big company, barbecue, play tennis or volleyball, and in the warmer months, swim in a lake or river. Even in winter the cottages are not empty – people come on weekends and winter holidays for skiing, snowboarding, cheese cakes. The Leningrad Region is working quite a lot of recreation. Which one to choose? In this article we will briefly describe the most popular. As usual hotels, camp sites also differ by class. In the category of “economy” includes recreation “Baltika”, “Onega”, “Georgian-4″. Here the price per day is about 400-600 rubles per person. It also pleases the relative proximity – these camp sites are located approximately 30 miles from St. Petersburg, and you can get there by train. In general, even if you do not have a lot of money, rent a cottage for the weekend – not a problem. The more expensive cottages base – is the “Igor”, “Walnut”, “Crow’s Farm”, “Country Club”, “Seven Lakes», «Trava», «Korobitsyno cascade”, chalet near Zelenogorsk and many others. This accommodation rates vary depending on the comfort of cottages and the presence of these additional amenities (pool, sauna, tennis court, etc.). Most camp sites at this level include the cost of accommodation breakfast (buffet) and the installation of cots, if required. Virtually all modern cottages are equipped kitchen with sink, stove, refrigerator, microwave oven and other appliances, as well as a shower or bath, toilet inside the house, satellite TV, the ability to access the Internet and other amenities. As a rule, in different databases running entertainment – discos, bars, restaurants and cafes closed and open, tennis courts, playgrounds for active games (volleyball, basketball, football, etc.). Also, by bike, roller skate (in winter time – snowboards, cheesecakes, ATV, sled Finnish). With such a variety of entertainment going on vacation together, even hard to get bored! Certainly, many fans on holiday in Leningrad. Faced with the problem of lack of space – sometimes even a month before the May holidays or Christmas holidays all the cottages are already occupied. That’s why we recommend to use the service of booking. We offer rent a cottage for a weekend or a longer period of time using the service. Book on our site – it’s convenient, fast and reliable.

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